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The JUA Academy was established within the Judo Union of Asia (JUA), with the aim to spread the knowledge and values of judo and sports management within Asia as well as around the world, especially to countries and regions with great potential and desire to develop judo despite lesser tradition and experience in the sport.

It is an important platform to educate new generations as well as former judokas who will become coaches, referees, event organizing experts, IT experts, club managers, etc that contribute to the development of JUDO.



The following courses are jointly offered by the JUA Academy and the World Sports University. For more information and application you will be redirected to the respective course webpage at the World Sports University website.

Course Overview

The IJF Judo Scoreboard Operator course equips you with an essential skill-set to operate professionally the IJF Judo Timer scoreboard software in any judo tournament. Step by step you will gain the core knowledge and skills to master the IJF Judo Scoreboard on and off a network.

Course Overview

The JUA IT Expert (Basic) course aims to elevate the IT expertise of all JUA member federations. The programme provides you a strong foundation to professionally use the IJF ippon.org Draw Judo Tournament software.

Course Overview

The programme aims to consolidate your knowledge and technical skills learnt in the JUA IT Expert (Basic) course, and brings you mastery in Judo event management.


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